Hi, thanks for being here!

 I’m Courtney and I am the sole owner and designer behind Golden Souls Designs. I am a mom of three beautiful daughters, and I live in Ontario, Canada with them and my husband.

 I’ve always been a lover of all things art, whether it be painting, photography, or even just simple sketches to pass time. Graphic design started as a simple hobby for me to be able to express my creativity and love for art, while still being able to care for my (at the time two) small children. It very quickly became a passion that I wanted to share with the world as well as a much needed extra income for my family.

 As a designer it is extremely important to me that every tiny detail is carefully thought out. I am completely self-taught and I pride myself in showing as much uniqueness, diversity, and versatility as possible in every design. I truly pour my heart into every single piece I make, and it means the world to me when people show their support.

 Please always feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have & make sure to join our VIP group to share your requests and ideas you would love to see come to the shop, because I truly love hearing everyone’s input! I hope that my design collections inspire you to create and express your own form of art. If they do please share by tagging us on Instagram (@goldensoulsdesigns) in your posts, I really do a happy dance every time I see something created from one of my designs! 

Thank you so much! xx


Digital Designer + Owner of Golden Souls Designs 

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